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Mandi Solat

Mandi Solat, Au.D., F-AAA

Audiologist, Co-Owner

“Being an Audiologist is a calling. I am passionate about what I do because hearing loss has had a profound effect on my life. Any life changed with hearing services is a personal success.”

Genetic Hearing Loss and My First Hearing Aid

My first hearing aid was a big, behind-the-ear model for just my left ear that I got in third grade after failing the hearing screening in 1973. My hearing loss seemed to be genetic, as my mother had already experienced a degree of it herself. I wore it for a while, until my teacher started drawing attention to it, embarrassing me in front of the whole class. He’d say, “Take your hearing aid off for recess, Mandi,” and it felt like everyone was staring at me. I took it off and never wore it again in my grade school days.

I didn’t approach my hearing disability until 1985, when I was a sophomore at West Chester University in Pennsylvania pursuing a liberal arts degree. By that time, my hearing loss had become an obstacle to my studies and social life. I wanted to take control of the problem, so I got tested by an audiologist for the second time in my life the summer before my junior year. The audiologist was surprised I had made it so far without addressing my hearing loss. I received an in-the-ear model, again only for my left ear, in the summer of 1984. This time, I never took it off.

Four years later, in 1988, we qualified for a program within the vocational rehab division of NJ to receive in-the-ear aids for working people between the ages of 18 and 65. The aids were equipped with a telephone coil (also known as a T-coil) that allowed you to hear better on the phone by blocking out background noise. Knowing that I could benefit from having a second hearing aid, I called my mother to discuss it.

Together, we received our new hearing aids. This was my mother’s first pair at age 48 and the first time I had one for each ear. Having two hearing aids allowed for better discrimination of background noise and increased directionality of where the sound was coming from. It changed both our lives, and I remember I could finally hear birds, trucks, and, most importantly, people.

Interest in Audiology Services

A few years after college, I met someone in downtown Philadelphia who noticed I wore hearing aids. He confided in me that his own son was showing signs of hearing loss and he was not sure what he should do. I raved about how my hearing aids had changed my life and that the sooner he could get them for his son, the bigger positive difference it could make.

Later that year, he showed up when I worked at The Office Center of Sears without knowing I worked there. He recognized me and introduced me to his wife. They both thanked me profusely because hearing aids had made a world of a difference for their son, just as they had for me. I turned to my coworker after they left and, out loud, declared: “I am in the wrong business.” It was then my career towards audiology started.

I began researching the profession of hearing aid instrument specialist, after marrying my husband, Larry, and moving to Colorado. This is when I enrolled at Metropolitan State University of Denver. and signed up for undergraduate Audiology courses. I enjoyed classes so much, especially with help from my first audiology professor, Dr. Jean Lundy, that I decided to look into Audiology Master’s degrees.

Academic Pursuits

I enrolled in a program at the University Of Northern Colorado (UNC), where I went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Audiology (MA) in 1998. My UNC professors were very helpful and embraced my hearing loss; they never focused on it unless I asked for help. At that point my loss was in the moderate-to-severe range. I worked hard, perhaps harder than the hearing students, to graduate Summa Cum Laude in 1998.


After earning my Master’s degree, I went to work as a licensed Audiologist in the hearing aid field. That experience was great preparation toward opening Audiology Services and Hearing Center of Lakewood, Colorado in 2002.

An opportunity to work as an audiologist appeared just as I was thinking about opening a practice. At first, I started part-time work with Dr. Kreutzer, an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist. After my husband joined me and my kids became more self-sufficient, the business naturally became full-time.

In 2015, I went on to enroll in the A.T. Still University of Health Sciences, where I earned an Au.D. degree, also known as a Doctor of Audiology. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA, and received the school’s student leadership award, commending me for my dedication to the profession and my patients and my perseverance to overcome the obstacles in my way.


Perseverance and Dedication to my Profession, Patients, and Community

Throughout my education, my 20 years with Audiology Services, and the constant business of being a mother to three children, one thing remains constant: living with hearing loss is an everyday struggle. But I know one thing for certain: if I can live with it, I know my patients can, too.

My hearing loss is more profound than most patients that walk in my door. But my knowledge of audiology combined with the act of dispensing hearing aids helps me focus on helping others. Now, my patients and I share a bond in knowing how difficult it is living with hearing loss.

I am grateful for the army of support that helped me achieve my goals and serve the needs of people with hearing loss. I hope that I can be a pillar of support for you.


Larry Solat, B.S.

Hearing Aid Apprentice, Co-Owner

“Knowing the struggles of hearing loss on a personal level gives me motivation every day to provide people with hearing services.”

First Experiences with Hearing Loss

My experiences with hearing loss began after meeting Mandi in college. Her hearing loss was never an issue for me, and although the loss increased over time, it did nothing but sharpen my tactics at communicating with her.

After earning my Bachelor’s degree from West Chester University in Pennsylvania, and moving to Colorado, I started a career in an IT company. Mandi started her degree at UNC and would take the kids with her by day, and I would take care of them while she studied at night.

Becoming a Co-owner of Audiology Service and Hearing Aid Center

At the beginning of my wife’s practice, I would help out here and there with calling patients and vendors. It wasn’t until 2006, after quitting my job in IT, that I started helping her in her practice. Although I thought I wanted another IT job, hearing aid technology started piquing my interest. The more I worked with patients, the more I enjoyed Audiology. I decided that I could switch career paths, do something I loved, and spend more time with my family.

Suddenly, I was working with Mandi full-time at her practice and eventually became a co-owner, a certified Audiology Apprentice, hearing aid instrument specialist, insurance specialist, and the manager of Audiology Services.

Common Hearing Loss from Rock Concerts

In 2018, my attendance to hundreds of rock concerts caught up to me. Mandi tested my hearing and the loss was big enough that I was eligible for hearing aids. I fitted myself with my first pair and it changed my world – I could finally hear my daughter again!

Personal Experience with Hearing Loss Drives Good Service

I have first-hand experience living with a loved one who has a profound hearing loss. If you are living with a family member, relative, friend, or partner with a hearing loss, I can relate and help you understand how to support your loved one. My highest priority is providing good service to my Lakewood community. Let us support you in your healthy hearing journey!


Jacki Solat, B.S.

Marketing Coordinator, Website Manager

“I have seen first-hand how healthy hearing can bring families together.”

In 2017, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing. After watching my mom develop her small business, I was inspired to find a field I could grow a small business in, too. So, in 2022, I started going back to school to get my Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design. I am now the operator of this website and the manager of marketing and customer relations.

For most of my life I have watched my mom grow her business into a reliable resource for healthy hearing. I am privileged to be able to help my family provide hearing services to the community.

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