Hearing Aid Repair

At Audiology Services & Hearing Aid Center, we offer hearing aid service plans at our Audiology practice in Lakewood, CO. All service performed by our licensed doctor of Audiology, Dr. Mandi Solat and expert Hearing Aid Specialist Larry Solat, HIS.

If you’ve found that your hearing aids are not working how they used to, schedule a repair with us. We use best practice procedures to repair your damaged hearing aids. Once you bring your device to our office, we will thoroughly diagnose your hearing aid and determine the cause of the problem.

Often times we can perform repairs the same day, while you wait in our comfortable office.

Getting hearing aids doesn’t mean your journey to better hearing ends. After being fit with your new hearing aids, we’ll guide you through the adjustment period as well answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

We’ll also schedule periodic clean and check appointments. During these appointments our team will professionally clean your aids and ensure they are working at their best for you.

Modern hearing aids are durable and reliable, but occasionally may require repairs. If your hearing aids aren’t working as they should, our experienced professionals can perform hearing aid repairs at our Lakewood practice.

Most hearing aid repairs can be performed in house, same day. If your aids require more extensive repairs, we will send them to the manufacturer on your behalf.

Do you need a hearing aid repair?

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