Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax removal, also known as cerumen extraction, is a common procedure aimed at alleviating discomfort and improving hearing by clearing excess ear wax from the ear canal. Ear wax, or cerumen, is a natural substance produced by the glands in the ear to protect the ear canal from dust, debris, and potential infections. In most cases, ear wax naturally moves toward the opening of the ear canal, where it then falls out or is washed away. However, an excessive buildup of ear wax can lead to hearing difficulties, a feeling of fullness in the ear, and even earaches.

If you have excessive ear wax buildup, our provider may recommend ear wax removal. There are a few different options for removing ear wax. One approach is irrigation, where warm water or a saline solution is gently flushed into the ear canal to soften and dislodge the wax, which is then flushed out. Another method involves using specialized tools like curettes or loops to carefully scoop out the wax. It's important to note that while some home remedies, like cotton swabs, are commonly used, they can inadvertently push the wax deeper into the ear and should be avoided. This can cause damage to the ear and could even lead to infection.

At the Audiology Services and Hearing Aid Center, we have a video camera on site to give you a visual of how much wax is in your ear, before and after wax removal services are performed. This tool also helps our professionals to accurately assess the amount and location of ear wax before selecting the best course of action. Proper ear hygiene and routine check-ups can help maintain optimal ear health and prevent excessive cerumen accumulation in the future.

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