The Power of Captions

Hearing loss can impact so many parts of your life without you realizing it—but not always for the worse. Growing up with a mother who had a moderately-severe hearing loss which eventually descended into a profound hearing loss, I often fail to realize how many behaviors it affected in myself and my other family members.… Continue reading The Power of Captions

The Best FREE Speech to Text Apps

For the regular-hearing person, the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA), which required all televisions with screens 13-inches or greater to display closed captioning by July 1, 1993, changed next to nothing in their television-watching experience. For people like me (those with hearing loss), however, our lives improved greatly. In recent years, movie… Continue reading The Best FREE Speech to Text Apps

The Changing Role of Chaplains During the Pandemic

The circle of life has rituals. There are ones people look forward to, like births, weddings, and milestones along the way, and ones that mark less joyous occasions, notably those that surround the failing health and death of loved ones. During the COVID-19 pandemic, methods of meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of seniors in… Continue reading The Changing Role of Chaplains During the Pandemic

Social Isolation, Loneliness, and Hearing Loss in Older Adults

Elizabeth, categorized as an older Baby Boomer since her birth year is 1953, took seriously the  social distancing recommendations issued by coronavirus medical researchers. She ended her previously-extensive social life. Instead of going to her part-time employment site, she was told  to start working from home. Instead of volunteering to make phone calls in a… Continue reading Social Isolation, Loneliness, and Hearing Loss in Older Adults

Wax in. Wax Ouch!

Larry and I recently received a call from a family member, asking us to bring home my otoscope to check out her ear. She explained that she was in the shower using a Q-tip when the soap slipped, she got flustered, and the Q-tip went in a little too far. Many of us know that… Continue reading Wax in. Wax Ouch!

Tinnitus Story

A few months back I had a brief fever. It must have lasted about an hour and went away when I took Tylenol. At the time, I was just relieved that what I experienced wasn’t COVID-19. But the next day I woke up with slight hearing loss in my left ear and a continuous, high-pitched… Continue reading Tinnitus Story

Tinnitus: There’s a Facebook Group for that!

TINNITUS Who can pronounce tinnitus correctly?  There are two different pronunciations.  Both are correct.   ti-NIGHT-us : typically used by the population.  We hear this pronunciation the most in Colorado.   TINN-a-tus : typically used by clinicians and researchers‍ At least 50 million American’s experience tinnitus, and over 390 million worldwide Tinnitus can be defined… Continue reading Tinnitus: There’s a Facebook Group for that!

How Do We Hear?

Must watch 👆🏾 Journey of Sound to the Brain The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) has a perfect video and explanation of how we hear (above). I hope you love the video and explanation as much as I do! How Do We Hear? Hearing depends on a series of complex steps… Continue reading How Do We Hear?