About Us

Audiology Services & Hearing Aid Center traces its humble beginnings back to 1996, when a hearing impaired mother drove many hours each week to the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley (with three children in tow) to earn her Master of Audiology degree.

A few years later, Mandi opened her own practice. That was the first step toward establishing one of the area’s leading audiology practices and hearing aid centers; one that has earned the confidence and trust of thousands of Lakewood-area residents and every major hearing aid manufacturer in the world.

About Our Small Business

Dr. Mandi Solat has experienced progressive, genetically related hearing loss since age 8. Larry Solat is a hearing aid wearer and advocate for locally owned business and community health. Together, we are Audiology Services & Hearing Aid Center of Lakewood, Colorado.

We have always taken great pride in getting to know our patients well. As we both suffer from hearing loss, we understand the care and skill necessary to diagnose hearing loss and fine-tune the devices that meet the specific needs of each wearer.

We strive to be leaders in the ever-changing world of audiology and hearing technology because we care deeply about hearing health. We use cutting edge hearing aid and testing technology to serve the greater Lakewood community, and we are committed to providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to take charge of your hearing health with testing, sales, service, cleaning, and repairs.

Our Passion for Hearing Knowledge

We are both deeply passionate about increasing our knowledge base of the technology and testing services out there. In 2015, to further her knowledge, Mandi enrolled in the Audiology Doctorate program at A.T. Still University of Mesa, AZ. She completed her studies in 2017 as Mandi Karen Solat, AuD, graduating with a 4.0 grade point average, and was awarded the Student Leadership Award. We consistently attend American Academy of Audiology conventions together.

Larry was working as a technical sales manager before joining the practice full time in 2006. He took a deep interest in the mechanics of hearing aids and continues to monitor the intricacies of models issued by all manufacturers. After years of attending concerts and playing guitar caught up to Larry in 2016, when he was fitted for his first hearing aid, the Oticon OPN, one of the industry’s first in-ear models that connected to wireless devices and the Internet without the need for a streaming adapter.

The invention of the Oticon OPN made Larry a personal advocate of hearing devices and all of the interesting ways they can help your life. Larry is committed to helping more people across all age groups hear clearly and enjoy life with hearing aids.

Treating Patients and Meeting Hearing Device Needs in the Age of Coronavirus

With the onset of a Coronavirus pandemic, meeting the needs of our community in a personal, yet safe manner has required patience and innovation. On March 23rd, 2020, walk-in visits to our office were suspended. During that time, we operated curbside and used mail order services for the testing, repair, and cleaning of hearing aids. Our drive-up and mail-in services also proved successful for performing emergency hearing aid repairs and delivering needed supplies to patients.

The pandemic also gave us the opportunity to leverage our knowledge of remote hearing aid programming. Remote programming is done with the assistance of a patient’s cell phone or computer, via an online connection to us at Audiology Services & Hearing Aid Center. This service is fast and convenient, and it also helps our patients stay at home and reduce potential Coronavirus exposure.

When the office reopened on May 8, limited office hours were restored in accordance with social distancing rules set forth by the State of Colorado. Audiology and Hearing Aid Services promises to continue to operate in a manner that helps keep patients safe and minimize potential exposure to Coronavirus for as long as state and federal guidelines mandate, and in ways that medical authorities deem appropriate.

But we vow that nothing: not rain, nor snow, nor pandemic, will stand in the way of getting to know and keep up with our clients – many of whom we have had relationships with for about 20 years.

For more on Mandi and Larry, read about us here: Meet Our Team

Audiology Services & Hearing Aid Center is your partner in hearing healthcare.

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