Tinnitus: There’s a Facebook Group for that!

TINNITUS Who can pronounce tinnitus correctly?  There are two different pronunciations.  Both are correct.   ti-NIGHT-us : typically used by the population.  We hear this pronunciation the most in Colorado.   TINN-a-tus : typically used by clinicians and researchers‍ At least 50 million American’s experience tinnitus, and over 390 million worldwide Tinnitus can be defined… Continue reading Tinnitus: There’s a Facebook Group for that!

How Do We Hear?

Must watch 👆🏾 Journey of Sound to the Brain The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) has a perfect video and explanation of how we hear (above). I hope you love the video and explanation as much as I do! How Do We Hear? Hearing depends on a series of complex steps… Continue reading How Do We Hear?

Hearing Loss & Cancer… Did you know?

October is Breast cancer awareness month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer. Oticon released their lovely ‘Hear in Pink’ MORE hearing aids. The Comprehensive hearing exam approved by Medicare and most other insurance companies requires audiologists to test the frequencies through air conduction from 250-8000 Hz, speech discrimination, and… Continue reading Hearing Loss & Cancer… Did you know?

The Best Headphones for Tinnitus

SleepPhones by Acoustic Sheep. The Best Headphones for Sleeping, Relaxation, Meditation, Work-Out, Travel, Tinnitus, And More. SleepPhones are the first and most comfortable headphones for sleeping that have helped more than one million people sleep better. Click here for SleepPhones information